Summer Fun with Northwest

Join us for Summer Fun at the city of Lake Oswego Sounds of Summer Concert Series featuring Curtis Salgado on Wednesday, July 22nd from 7 PM to 9 PM at Foothills Park on the Willamette River. As a sponsor of the event, we will have a limited number of reserved seats available, please contact your Wealth Manager if you are interested in joining us.

For more information: Curtis Salgado

For location map: Foothills Park

Curtis Salgado

Retire.Ready: Spotlight on the Bond Ladder

Clients near or in their retirement years consistently express three primary financial concerns:

  1. Do I have enough money?
  2. Is my cash flow predictable?
  3. What if I have an emergency?

Our Retire.Ready solution addresses these concerns. We believe those nearing retirement should transition from a pure total-return approach to a hybrid total-return and liability matching strategy to reduce risk while managing retirement cash flow. The Retire.Ready solution consists of three important components:

  1. In-depth financial assessment that creates a retirement budget
  2. Social Security optimization
  3. Portfolio divided into three financial buckets including unique 10-year bond ladder to match future cash flow needs (see diagram)

Just like our long-standing, traditionalbuckets portfolios Retire.Ready utilizes high-quality bonds. Uncovering attractive yields is always an important goal, but safety and predictability are the cornerstones of the Retire.Ready bond ladder. It takes a prudent investor to know when to pass up the siren call of even slightly more yield in favor of capital preservation. This is a tradeoff we take to the next level.

Our traditional total return portfolios that incorporate our intermediate fixed income securities are designed to be extremely safe, but also maintain a manageable amount of risk, to increase income responsibly. In our intermediate fixed income composite, we have the flexibility to target an array of credit ratings across either a range of maturities or a more consolidated timeline, as long as we feel comfortable with the overall diversification, yield, and safety. Our in-house research points us towards companies with wide economic moats and strong balance sheets, but also towards companies whose competitive advantage is based more on economies of scale in competitive, low barrier industries. We prefer companies with strong management teams and high cash flow generation, but our research allows us the flexibility to favor unusual credit metrics over others, such as a company’s ability to tap the credit markets, cut large historic dividend payments, or divest less profitable business lines. Our internal, rigorous, and evolving due diligence is our advantage in finding individual bonds that we feel confident will mature at par, all while providing higher than general market yields to maturity.

Retire.Ready takes a slightly different approach. The typical bond portfolio risks, be it interest rate risk, reinvestment risk, or headline risk have been reduced by a bond ladder designed to match our clients’ upcoming liabilities. The bonds in the ladder won’t always be the highest yielding bonds in a particular credit sector, due to our prioritizing of safety, and will in most cases be held to maturity. Though we plan to hold bonds to maturity, this is not a “set it and forget it” portfolio or high priced annuity. We continue to monitor the portfolio, be it corporate or municipal bonds, to ensure the persistent high standard of credit quality we recognized when the bonds were purchased. Retire.Ready bonds will benefit from institutional pricing and also the nimble nature of our bond desk to find mispriced “odd-lot” bonds when appropriate. The Retire.Ready portfolio will make use of corporate, agency, and municipal bonds to find the right mix of credit quality, tax-efficiency, and income. Please contact us to learn more about what goes into the Retire.Ready portfolio and how it may help you to be and feel more secure financially.

Coach Matt and CYO Boys Lacrosse

Matt Roehr, Principal and Portfolio Manager has had a busy spring coaching CYO Boys Lacrosse. He has dedicated his evenings and weekends to help as an assistant coach with two 5/6 teams and he has also been coaching his own team of young beginners.  Matt said about coaching “he truly enjoys working with his team as they begin learning to play the game of Lacrosse, it has been a great experience.” We appreciate Matt’s dedication to helping the youth in our community. Thank you Coach Matt!

CYO Lacrosse - Coach Matt