Financial Assessments

Are you capable of retiring based on your current investments, savings rate and other sources of retirement income? How sure are you of your answer? At Northwest we don’t believe in generating a binder full of “what you should do’s” only to have it sit on your shelf and collect dust. Frankly, our clients just want to know two things; “Do I have enough money to retire when I want?” and once in retirement “Can I meet my retirement standard of living?”

DIMG7078-s copyWe take a balance sheet approach to help you assess your retirement readiness. We look at all of your assets and income producing sources for retirement and your retirement living expenses. We then discount all future income sources and expenditures into today’s dollars to give a “snapshot” or balance sheet look at how feasible your retirement goals are today. During this process we look at your retirement sources of income such as Social Security and Pensions and offer advice on the best strategies to deploy.

Based on your goals for retirement we can assess whether your desired lifestyle is attainable. If not attainable today, we will make suggestions on how you can ultimately reach those goals (e.g. a different asset allocation, budgeting adjustments, or postponing retirement for a certain number of years).

We look forward to working with you so you can Retire Better.

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