Retirement Planning

We’ve been helping clients prepare for retirement for over 19 years. To help you get started, estimate your retirement cash flow using our calculator below. Be sure to request our Retirement Planning Guide to learn the Social Security strategies you need to know before claiming your benefits. Also, learn about the unique way we approach the Bucket Strategy to manage your wealth in retirement so your money doesn’t run out. Click “Contact” to set up a portfolio review and to learn more about how to prepare for retirement.

Retirement Cash Flow Estimator Calculator

This should be used as a rough guide or starting point to your estimated real cash flow in retirement. It is not a guarantee of any kind nor does it reflect fees and taxes. Outcomes from the Retirement Cash Flow Calculator represent what the average retiree can expect, your results are likely to be different.

Positive Vibes

The probability of a rate hike at the December 16th FOMC meeting, as calculated by the market, now stands at 80%. Whether it actually takes place in a week, or whether the move takes place at one of the next two meetings, the consensus is that short-term rates will move higher soon. We have written […]

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Major Changes to Social Security Claiming Strategies

A backroom budget negotiation at the eleventh hour in order to save the country’s borrowing authority has left a Social Security claiming strategy that was starting to gain popularity due to the potential increase in benefits on the “cutting floor”. The two strategies that potentially increased a couple’s total social security benefits, “File and Suspend” […]

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Are You Financially Retirement Ready?

We are frequently asked, “How much do I need to retire?” It is difficult to answer without a lot of buts and ifs and detailed spreadsheets.  So while nothing can substitute for a financial assessment by one of our Wealth Managers, you can use our Retirement Cash Flow Estimator (RCF) to help you gauge your […]

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